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eBay Autumn 2018 Seller Release

eBay has announced their Autumn 2018 Seller Release, and there's a bunch of changes headed your way that you need to be aware of, and start preparing for now.

Read the full announcement here.

Here's the highlights...

eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Commencing shortly, eBay will be enabling buyers to filter search results to include ONLY listings that sellers guarantee will be delivered within 2, 3 or 4 business days. To be included in eGD filtered search results, sellers must opt-in to the eGD program and switch to using eBay Postage Rate Tables with delivery speed guarantees entered (in days) for each region they wish to guarantee.

More on eBay Guaranteed Delivery and how to prepare

Product-based search & structured data

Commencing with selected Dyson and Apple products, eBay will begin forcing sellers to list using the eBay Catalogue where their products exist in the eBay Catalogue. A new product-based search experience will drive buyers to product landing pages instead of directly to seller's listings.

Some category changes were announced also. Please check to see if any of the categories you list in are changing.

More about eBay's new product-based search

Third-Party Fulfilment restrictions

Orders sent to eBay buyers by third-party fulfilment providers must bear and contain only labels or information which is about the seller of the item, and must not have information, branding or labels associated with other vendors or marketplaces.

More about 3PL restrictions

eBay discount code restrictions

Sellers must only display or refer to discount codes when they are participating in a coupon sale event at eBay's invitation and with eBay's consent. This means sellers are no longer permitted to advertise site-wide discount codes.

More about discount code restrictions

Returns changes

Restocking fees are being abolished, and returns limited to 30 or 60 days. However eBay will allow partial refunds where an item is returned by a customer in a worse condition that it was supplied, and will remove negative feedback associated with this. eBay will close return cases in sellers' favour where items are not returned in the same condition they were sent.

More about the changes to Returns

More seller metrics

eBay has begin indicating price trending for Promoted Listings, and will soon provide price guidance for under-performing listings.

More about seller metrics

eBay Store changes

In May 2018, any old eBay store which does not already have a custom design applied to it will be automatically switched to the default simplified eBay store format and cannot be switched back. Some time in 2019, all remaining eBay stores will also be switched to the simplified store format and customised eBay stores will be no more.

Sellers who fall Below Standard will be charged 2% more on their Final Value Fees

More about eBay store changes

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