top of page Autumn 2017 Seller Release

Today announced the Autumn 2017 Seller Release.

It's worth taking a moment to read it now and be aware of some terrific offers. In summary:

  • Rewarding sellers who offer 30-60 day change-of-mind returns. See details

  • Partnering with ParcelPoint for easier managed return options. See details

  • Improving seller performance evaluation for international sellers. See details

  • New customisable shipping rate tables coming soon to improve domestic freight calculations for buyers and sellers. See details

  • Launch of eBay branded packaging. See details

  • Requirement to include size data in fashion and wheels categories. See details

  • Banning seller phone numbers and email addresses from being displayed. Phone numbers can be added soon to eBay Q&A feature. See details

  • Removing the ability for sellers to opt-out of eBay using their uploaded images in the eBay Product Catalogue. See details

  • Reminder that eBay will be blocking Active Content in listings from June 2017. See details

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