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eBay launches branded boxes and packing tape

eBay is hoping sellers will make use of their new branded packing boxes and tape.

Tim MacKinnon, eBay Senior Director Retail Growth said: “We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for our sellers to grow and service customers. Our shipping supplies store will provide eBay branded packaging which our sellers can leverage to build trust and excitement in the lead up to Christmas.

“Our sellers tell us that cost and convenience are the key factors driving their packaging decisions, so we have been focussed on providing competitively priced, quality products that can be ordered easily online with convenient shipping options.”

The eBay Shipping Supplies Store is operated by a third party fulfilment partner with a license to use the eBay trademark. Initially sellers will be able to buy 100% recyclable red and greened themed Christmas boxes in 3 different sizes and premium quality eBay branded packing tape. More items will be added in the new year.

You can visit the eBay Shipping Supplies store now at

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