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PeSA Australia launches a brand new website

You're staring at it!

For the past 10 years , the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance has been working hard to achieve outcomes beneficial to professional eBay sellers across Australia. One of the most prominent activities has been the annual Internet Conference, which celebrates it's 10th anniversary this year on the Gold Coast.

But the conference is not PeSA. The Internet conference is strongly supported by PeSA, and we'll be there ready to party with the who's who of Australian eCommerce on May 25-27 too.

PeSA is first and foremost an advocacy body for eBay sellers. PeSA exists to represent your best interests to eBay and in the broader environment. So this year, we're refocussing on our core mission, aiming to make a positive difference for merchants who are running a professional business on eBay.

Our new website is dedicated to helping you make the most of the eBay Marketplace, and keeping you informed of any changes or trends likely to impact your business on eBay. As part of a more engaged approach, we want to connect with you directly through PeSA memberships, and we are offering some great perks for joining as a paid member (in fact the value of the perks dramatically exceeds the fee). We offer a free membership too, so you can still be informed even if your eBay business is still in its early days.

Take some time to stroll around and see how PeSA is working for you. We're open for your ideas and feedback and would love to hear from you.

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