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PeSA Australia is an independent advocacy for Australian merchants selling professionally on eBay.

The PeSA Board aims to:

  • Represent and champion the interests of merchants throughout Australia selling professionally on eBay.

  • Maintain constructive dialogue with eBay on issues that impact professional eBay merchants, seeking outcomes beneficial to members.

  • Promote networking and collaboration within the professional eBay seller community.

  • Share insights, opportunities and information with members that may improve their performance.

  • Collaborate and engage with organisations and providers offering services which may be of benefit to members.

Registered Professional eBay Sellers are expected to uphold the following commitment to excellence:

  • To deal honestly, respectfully and professionally with all buyers on eBay.

  • To observe eBay policies and compete with integrity.

  • To respect and observe all laws and regulations relevant to the industry they operate in.

Report an eBay Policy Violation
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