Effective from 1 July 2018, new laws require to collect GST on all eBay transactions below $1000 where the item location is outside Australia.

  • Members have reported to PeSA Australia that many offshore sellers are wilfully misrepresenting the location of their items to deceive unsuspecting Australian buyers into thinking the item is in Australia, when in fact the orders are being dispatched from outside Australia.

  • eBay has acknowledged some sellers are violating their item location misrepresentation policy, and may thereby be illegally evading GST.  eBay has been investigating suspected sellers and upon obtaining proof of item location misrepresentation, warning and restricting offenders, and suspending those who persist.

  • In the interests of supporting our seller members and improving the experience of Australian buyers on, PeSA Australia invites members to report sellers suspected of misrepresenting the location of their items.

  • All reports submitted below will be forwarded to eBay for them to investigate.

  • Remember eBay does not share information about what action is or isn't taken on reported sellers.

  • If you believe the law is being wilfully broken by other eBay sellers, you may wish to speak with the ACCC or your state Office of Fair Trading, or the Australian Taxation Office in respect of tax evasion.

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