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Most eBay sellers have now been migrated over to eBay Managed Payments.  For those who have not yet, you will be required to in the near future.  Managed Payments is not optional.  If you do not transition to Managed Payments, you will no longer be permitted to sell on eBay. 

Find out all about Managed Payments here

  • Whilst for most sellers, the registration and transition process to Managed Payments is smooth and uneventful, a handful of sellers are experiencing issues and delays for a range of reasons including:

    • Failure to provide requested documents, or uploading documents that ​cannot be read or are incomplete.

    • Where your business is a legal partnership or a trust, and you have not provided the correct details to match your ABN or ACN.

  • Once you initiate the Managed Payments registration process, any funds received by eBay will be held until you have successfully completed the registration process.  Whilst this may be distressing for some sellers, it is a requirement under Australian anti money laundering regulations which eBay is subject to.​

  • eBay has acknowledged there are some specific instances where a seller's situation may require additional vetting and have invited PeSA Australia to forward details of sellers experiencing issues registering for Managed Payments, or may have been subjected to a payment hold or a restriction of selling privileges.

  • All reports submitted below will be forwarded to eBay for them to investigate and hopefully resolve quickly.  Please be aware that eBay may require additional information from you.  The sooner you can provide what they ask for, the sooner your issue can be resolved.

  • If your situation is urgent, we recommend logging into your eBay account, selecting Help from the top menu and then selecting the CALL ME option, so somebody from eBay's customer support team can phone you to discuss it in real time.

Report an issue with eBay Managed Payments

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Tell us about your situation

Have you reported this to eBay Customer Support?

You will find the SR Case Number in any email you have received from eBay relating to your communication with them.  This will help eBay to respond much faster to your report here. 

​Who operates the above eBay selling account?  Please select the ONE that applies to your business:
Please tick as many of the below as apply to you:

Tell us briefly what's happened so far, and what the problem is:

By submitting this report, if you are not already registered, you agree to be registered with and opt-in to communications from PeSA Australia.

You also hereby consent to all of the information you have provided above being shared with eBay.

Thanks! We'll share your details with eBay and somebody should follow up shortly. If you've not received any contact from eBay after a few days, we recommend you contact eBay Customer Support using the CALL ME button on the eBay Help page.

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